Ted Bundy Topics series

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Ted Bundy Topics #01 05/20/2016

Big Brother

On May 6, 1999 I posted to the internet my article, “Room 101,” which raised a constitutional issue of cruel and unusual punishment that had occurred in conjunction with the Gainesville student murder trial. The article also hinted at a causal link between the Ted Bundy execution and the Gainesville murders.

Fourteen days later, the State of Minnesota Department of Corrections threatened that, if I did not immediately remove the article, they would retaliate against the person who had endured that punishment. I was given no choice but to comply.

After learning that I had no legal standing to bring a lawsuit, I sent an appeal to Governor Jesse Ventura. It went unanswered. The article remained suppressed.

For the full story, read my book “Ted Bundy: The Felon’s Hook,” available only in paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Richard A. Duffus


“The Phantom Prince” is available for download

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The Phantom Prince by Elizabeth Kendall is available for download at


Page down and click on More Results to see it listed further down the page. I don’t know how much they might charge or if usage is limited. It goes through a credit card verification check. I didn’t go any further than that since I don’t need a copy.  This is a rare book that commands a hefty price when it is available. So this might be a good alternative. If anyone tries it, let me know what you learn and I will pass it on here.

Bundy book: ebook cancelled

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The company contracted to produce the ebook version of Ted Bundy: The Felon’s Hook has failed to deliver the product nor has it refunded my money. I am sorry I cannot provide an ebook to those who wish to obtain one.

Bundy Book: ebook in proof

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I expect final approval sometime this month.

Bundy Book: Available in Paperback

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After tons of editing, Ted Bundy: The Felon’s Hook was released on July 31, 2012. It’s taken me a while to catch up with all the work associated with the event. The April 15, 2012 publication date you see at the bookseller sites is the date the first proof was printed.

The book has generated some controversy given that it is challenging “conventional wisdom” about Ted Bundy. The focus of attention so far has been Bundy’s sexuality.

The e-book is supposed to come out sometime this week.

Executed Today Forum

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I’ve added a link over on the right to the start of Executed Today posts about Ted Bundy: The Felon’s Hook which begin with post 5396. 

Bundy Book: Final Proof

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An incomplete final proof has been delivered so I can get a head start going through it. They tell me there’s a couple days work left on it. So it’s getting close.