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Ted Bundy Topics series

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Ted Bundy Topics #03 06/07/2016

Leap for Freedom (or Jumping to Conclusions)

Thirty-nine years ago an informant of known reliability reported observing Ted Bundy in Riverton, Wyoming. Bundy had just escaped from the Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen, Colorado. As a result of that report, the FBI sought the co-operation of Aspen officials in securing an interstate flight warrant. Refusing to accept the possibility that Bundy could have escaped from their Rocky Mountain Alcatraz, they declined.

State authorities must request such a warrant before the FBI can act. Because Bundy was simultaneously a prisoner of the State of Utah, the FBI was able to approach them to make that request. They did. The warrant was issued.

When Bundy was recaptured, the supposition was made that, because he was caught in Aspen, he could not have left the area. Therefore the reported observation must have been wrong

However, testimony from a reliable witness is direct evidence. In this case it provided probable cause for the interstate flight warrant to be issued. Probable cause is a stronger standard of evidence than is supposition.

When this evidence is included with all other evidence related to the escape, an entirely different picture of Ted Bundy emerges.

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