A Researcher’s Paradise!

I highly recommend both “Reflections on Green River: The Letters of, and Conversations with, Ted Bundy” and “In Defense of Denial: Ted Bundy’s Prison Interview” recently published by Sara: a Survivor.

These two works are raw data – a researcher’s paradise! Long-sought passages, previously excluded, jump out from the page. For example Bundy’s means of bypassing the prison mail system, only hinted at in earlier works, is fully explained by Bundy himself.

Sara has expended great effort to obtain, prepare, and share these transcripts .Citing that, “There are too many questions embedded in this framework of catastrophe called Ted Bundy and not enough answers,” Sara calls for an objective re-examination with “new eyes.” Having sought the same result, although coming at it from a different direction, I wholly concur.

I look forward to “Reconstructing Sara.”



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