Ted Bundy Topics series

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Ted Bundy Topics #02 05/25/2016

The River Pirates

With my website under constant scrutiny by the State of Minnesota, I needed to come up with a way to post something relevant without triggering their wrath. Their reasoning made no sense. I knew that I should avoid naming any Minnesota prisoners. Beyond that, I would have to take a shot in the dark.

Suspecting that this may have something to do with what I have been saying about Ted Bundy over the years, I decided to take an in-your-face approach and post the sketches that Ted had done for me in 1986. They could not threaten a dead man.

The posting was successful and productive. I soon received a response with a compelling account of Bundy’s whereabouts on June 8, 1977 and I was able to obtain several long-sought exemplars of Bundy’s handwriting in exchange for my granting to Tim Wilson the right to use the sketches in his book, “Happy New Year – ted.”

Then on October 7, 2011 a reader posted to my blog at https://darksiderpress.wordpress.com/ comment page 06:

“Richard, I re-watched parts of the Riverman and noticed the sketches on the walls of Ted’s cell!! One of them is in your logo. The others are part of the collection I [saw] on a web site. Were they really in Ted’s cell at one point? Who has the originals? I don’t remember them being mentioned in the book, The Riverman, so where did the movie people get the idea to use them and get copies of them?”

That movie had been televised in 2004. I had missed it.

“What!!! I never saw that movie. I will now—I just ordered it. I have the originals and I hold full publication rights on them. If they’re in the movie, they were used without my knowledge or consent. You saw them on my Web site.”

I soon learned that pursuing the matter would cost more than it was worth. Once again, there was no legal recourse. I found it to be unsettling that people of the caliber of those involved with this production would engage in an act of internet piracy.

To learn more about the Bundy sketches, read my book “Ted Bundy: The Felon’s Hook,” available only in paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Richard A. Duffus


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