Ted Bundy Topics series

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Ted Bundy Topics #01 05/20/2016

Big Brother

On May 6, 1999 I posted to the internet my article, “Room 101,” which raised a constitutional issue of cruel and unusual punishment that had occurred in conjunction with the Gainesville student murder trial. The article also hinted at a causal link between the Ted Bundy execution and the Gainesville murders.

Fourteen days later, the State of Minnesota Department of Corrections threatened that, if I did not immediately remove the article, they would retaliate against the person who had endured that punishment. I was given no choice but to comply.

After learning that I had no legal standing to bring a lawsuit, I sent an appeal to Governor Jesse Ventura. It went unanswered. The article remained suppressed.

For the full story, read my book “Ted Bundy: The Felon’s Hook,” available only in paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Richard A. Duffus


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